Alex is a New York based composer, arranger, and songwriter. He holds a Bachelor of Music (Magnum Cum Laude) from Belmont University in Nashville, TN and a Masters in Music for TV and Film from Bristol University (With Distinction). He has worked with several musical artists including John Williams, Ben Folds, Dierks Bently, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Annie Haslam, Marty Kupersmith, Carol Demas, and many more.  As a studio musician and lyricist, Alex works predominately in and around the New York City area and has toured internationally with various artists and shows.

Broadway (keyboard) credits include: Waitress, Beetlejuice, and Wicked.

Alex has composed for indie films such as Killing the Dog, Jim and the Genie, and Writer’s Block. His theatre composition credits include: The Importance of Being Ernest, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Peter Pan, The Mousetrap, Passion Play, and Letter from Algeria.

He teaches piano as well as organ, accordion, mandolin, violin, viola, cello, ukulele, bass, guitar, drums, clarinet, and saxophone.

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