My beginnings as a drummer started when I was around 7 years old. I originally wanted to play guitar but my mom, respectfully said… “NO, YOU’RE GONNA PLAY THE DRUMS”… “YOUR FATHER PLAYS DRUMS, YOUR UNCLE PLAYS DRUMS AND COUSIN PLAYS TOO” (something like that) which I’m glad she made that decision…and so the journey begins…

From festivals in Russia, Prague to shows/tours all over the USA and Canada, drumming has taken me to many cracks and creveses this world has to offer, accept Antarctica… I don’t think there’s a venue there. I started out playing the clubs in New York City at 16 years old…with a rock band which the members were around 30 years old. I would perform the clubs then wake up for high school. God bless my parents for driving me
Next, after playing in that band + 2 other bands winning battle of the bands competitions and shows all over the trip state area, I went on to play with a fairly popular band with over 1 Million views on youtube/spotify. After I submitted the band to NBC, that led to us performing live on “America’s Got Talent” (Howard Stern’s First Season) what a great learning experience that was!

After that band disbanded, I formed my own band Wild Planes with my singer 4 yrs ago and since then we toured all through Canada, and the USA playing festivals like Rocklahoma, Seattle Hempfest, STURGIS as well as support Cee Lo Green, KIX, Jennifer Hudson and other great acts.

So without yapping and yapping, what I hope to achieve in teaching you is not only just a beat or two, but everything that comes with it. Showmanship, Technique, Stage Presence, Power and accuracy. All of that combined will make you an unstoppable force wherever the drums take you.

Main Instrument: Drums
Level(s) Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Style(s) Taught: Latin, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Alternative, Contemporary , Funk, Pop

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