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Lou Balascio

Lou B. began his music studies at the age of eight. His education consisted primarily in classical, contemporary and jazz piano. Lou has his Associates Degree in Jazz Performance and is completing his BMU in Music Education at the Manhattan Campus of Nyack College this year. Lou started his professional career at the age of 15.

He has toured the USA and abroad with road acts from the 80’s and 90’s and has worked with many notable agencies including Hal Prince, Wayne Marshall, Steven Scott, Hank Lane and Craig Scott. Lou worked in the pit for many musical theater performances, most recently at the Westchester Broadway Theater and the Chappaqua Drama Group. Lou played for over twenty years in the Craig Scott Agency Band “Phase One’. In the last eight years, he’s worked with talented bands of every genre from Latin Fusion to Party Rock and is frequently known to sub into bands at a moment’s notice.

Lou has been teaching private piano lessons for over thirty years and recently taught an after school music program for nine schools in the Clarkstown school district.

Lou is a piano/keyboards teacher at Rob’s School of Music. He teaches all levels of students and styles such as Latin, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Alternative, Contemporary , Broadway/Theater and Pop.

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"We have been with Rob’s School of Music since the doors opened. My son began taking guitar lessons, he wanted to be a rock star like his teacher. After about a year Rob, my son and I realized that his inner rock star was more of an acoustic song writer! We began piano lessons and have not stopped since that day. My son has learned more than just notes and songs. He sees the music. He feels the music. His teacher, Lou, found a way to make the basics fun and the difficult portions a breeze. The amount of time, patience and love that goes into each lesson is palpable. He truly looks forward to each piano lesson. As our lessons progressed, my sons desire to take his music further brought us to Sam for voice lessons. He loves to sing and Sam found a way to take natural talent and harness it. She hones in on the necessary steps to strengthen his tone and pitch. Not only has she found a way to challenge him each week with new techniques, she also gives him confidence. She constantly reminds him that hard work and perseverance will help him achieve his dreams. As a parent these lessons are invaluable. Being a part of Rob’s School of Music truly makes you part of a family. A family of teachers, students and an owner that share their love for music with each of their students! "

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