Nick S. is a professional Music Producer/Songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist and Teacher at Rob’s School of Music. He
works as a cowriter/coproducer for Pop Artists. He has gained 150k+ credited streams
in 2021. Nick is the cofounder of the band/songwriting collective known as Sunday
Dinner. The group has worked with artists from around the world and has a growing
catalogue of their own original records. Nick also writes and produces music for
commercials. He’s worked on writing teams for major brands such as NBA, Budweiser,
Corona, Stella Artois, Pantene and more. On top of being heavily involved in the
creation side of music, Nick is a very active gigging musician, playing lead guitar in
multiple high caliber tribute bands.


Main Instrument: Guitar, Drums & Audio Production
Level(s) Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Style(s) Taught: Latin, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Alternative, Contemporary , Broadway/Theater, Pop


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