Nikolai “Niko” Tarsinov’s music journey began at the age of 12, when his parents signed him up for classical guitar lessons. Not long after, Niko discovered the electric guitar through artists such as Metallica, Megadeth, and Children of Bodom. Chasing his newfound passion, Niko began attending music school, which gave him his first taste of live performance. Notably, he was chosen to represent the school as an opening act for Quiet Riot in 2012.

Niko later attended Emerson College. While earning his B.A. in Media Arts, Niko composed and recorded original music for short films, including his own. Additionally, Niko has studied with Dylan DiLella, guitarist of influential New York metal band Pyrrhon.

As a teacher at Rob’s School of Music, Niko aims to share his enthusiasm for a broad range of styles with the next generation of musicians. Aside from metal guitar, Niko also enjoys playing and teaching anything from lo-fi indie to classic rock to chart-topping pop.

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