Policies & Tuition

Once enrolled, you will receive a questionnaire to help us better understand why you want to learn music and determine what your musical goals are. We will then take that information and develop a completely custom-tailored music lesson program just for you!

Our music lesson experience is unlike any other because it is 100% proprietary to you, the student.


Tuition is billed monthly.

The student chooses a time and day of the week that fits their schedule, then that time slot is reserved for that student upon initial payment equivalent to one month’s tuition. Future tuition is due on the 25th of the month to continue at that time slot. All students must have a credit card on file for auto pay. Trial Lessons are Non-Refundable. Please contact us to discuss rates and packages.


All necessary method books and supplies will be charged to the card on file.


All cancellations must be made exclusively via email 24 hours before scheduled lessons. Text messages are for emergencies, but texting about a cancellation will not count as proper communication for a make-up. Every student is allotted one make-up per month but cannot accrue more than 2 make-ups per quarter. 

Email robsschoolofmusic@gmail.com for cancellations. Do not text the school or email teachers for cancellations.

There are no make-ups given for missed Kizrock and Group classes. Students enrolled in package deals are limited to 1 make-up per 3-month period.  


Rob’s School of Music is closed on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. In cases where Christmas falls on a Sunday, RSM will be closed on 12/26. There are no make-ups for those holidays; they are built into your annual tuition.


All of our programs run month to month. If a student decides to quit lessons after the 1st of the month, no refund will be issued for the balance. We require notice by the 20th of the month if you wish to un-enroll or change time slots for the following month, at which point no future payments will be due. If the student does not give notice by the 20th, they will be charged for the following month. There are no refunds if a student enrolled in a package wishes to discontinue lessons prior to the end of the term. “Freezing” lessons mid-month or mid-package term is not permitted. These rules are non-negotiable.

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