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Our piano lessons in Suffern, NY are the furthest thing from traditional! At Rob’s School of Music, our staff of piano teachers helps guide students through their musical journeys, while keeping the material entertaining and fun.

Gone are the days of the ancient piano teacher standing over the student’s shoulder having them run scales till the point of nightmares!

In our piano lessons, an experienced teacher quickly determines each students’ optimal learning style. From that, a completely unique lesson plan is built.

Are you looking for piano lessons near Suffern,NY? Contact Rob’s School of Music to learn more about our awesome classes! In less than 2 hours’ time, you will be reading music off the staff and be well on your way to playing the songs you LOVE!

“My 5-year-old was having a very hard time focusing in school. Coming from a musical family, my husband and I decided to enroll her in piano lessons. After 3 months of lessons at Rob’s School of Music, not only has her attention span increased, but she’s also playing songs fluently on the piano! This past Christmas she amazed our extended family by playing “Jingle Bells” for everyone. Rob’s team of teachers has changed our lives!”
We recommend piano students start no younger than 5 years old, but there are always exceptions. Schedule a free consultation to see what is best for you.
To enroll in piano lessons, we recommend all students own their own instruments for optimal practicing. It doesn't matter if it's an electric keyboard, or upright piano, 49 or 88 keys, all of the fundamentals are the same.
We make piano lessons fun. Each lesson includes exercises to practice over the course of the week with specific goals that gamify the experience.
All of our programs are custom-tailored to the student's goals and learning style. As a primer, every student enrolled in piano lessons will learn a combination of finger positions, chords, reading treble and bass clef, scales, rhythm techniques, and common chord progressions.

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