Ukulele Lessons in Suffern, NY

Rob's School of Music

When taking ukulele lessons in Suffern, NY at Rob’s School of Music, we can guarantee any student will be playing songs within the first 60 minutes on the instrument!

As with other music lessons at our school, students are encouraged to select songs they want to learn so that the teacher can build them a customized curriculum.

No two students are the same, so why should their ukulele lessons be?

What is a ukulele? Is it the same as a guitar?

Ukulele is a fun, approachable instrument suitable for all ages, whether it be the first step in a young musical journey or a fun new hobby for a seasoned professional.

While it is the same shape as a guitar, a ukuleles is much smaller. The strings are also tuned differently.  Ukulele lessons are a great way to explore an easy stringed instrument and make it easy to transition into guitar lessons later on.

What do you learn in Ukulele lessons?

When you begin to learn ukulele, you are introduced to basic musical concepts (rhythm, notes, etc). At our music school, we also cover:

  • chords
  • melody
  • strumming patterns
  • chucking
  • how to sing while playing

What ages can take ukulele lessons?

Students as young as 4 years old are welcome to enroll in our ukulele lessons in Suffern.



"Excellent teachers, willing to work with all skill levels. As my son's skill level progressed they found him a teacher who was able to meet his needs"
Ukulele students can start at 5 years old, there are always exceptions. Schedule a free consultation to see what is best for you.
We recommend all ukulele students own their own instruments for optimal practicing. We have ukulele's available for sale at the school and online.
We make learning fun. Each lesson includes exercises to practice over the course of the week with specific goals that gamify the ukulele lesson experience.
All of our programs are custom-tailored to the student's goals and learning style. As a primer, every ukulele student will learn a combination of chords, scales, rhythm techniques, various strumming patterns, common chord progressions.

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