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Do you want to know what makes voice lessons in Suffern, NY at Rob’s School of Music different from all other music schools?

Let’s face it, when people think of a song, the first thing they usually think of is the singer. But in reality, there is so much more to singing than just opening your mouth. At Rob’s School of Music, our vocal coaches will teach you everything from everyday warmups and safe singing practices, all the way up to professional performance techniques.

A huge aspect of being a successful singer is vocal maintenance. Our lead vocal coach, Samantha, has been a professional singer since age 14. She takes her nearly decade and a half of performing experience and shows her students how to take care of their voices, both on and off the stage. She will not only show you how to sing correctly, but also incorporate proper mic techniques for when on stage. She can also teach you how to write and record your own songs! Like all of the lessons at Rob’s School of Music, we will periodically record your lessons to listen back and allow you to track progress.

"My daughter Brianna has been with Rob for over a year and she absolutely loves it. Her singing and piano playing blows me away. They gave her the confidence to sing in front of people and helped her control her voice range. I highly recommend robs school of music"
We recommend students begin voice lessons start no younger than 5 years old, but there are always exceptions. Schedule a free consultation to see what is best for you.
We make learning fun. Each lesson includes exercises to practice over the course of the week with specific goals that gamify the experience of voice lessons.
All of our voice lesson programs are custom-tailored to the student's goals and learning style. As a primer, every voice student will learn a combination of warm-up techniques, breath control, cool-down techniques, harmony, pitch control, and developing range.

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