This Book Shreds

Have you ever wanted to shred on the guitar or lay it down on the drums? Has life gotten in the way? Are you looking for someone to help you make music a lifestyle instead of a forgotten dream? Rob Spampinato is on an epic quest to bring music into your life whether you used to play or you’ve never picked up an instrument before. It’s time for you to embrace your destiny, note by note, in This Book Shreds.


Even though Rob came from a musical family, his first guitar teacher didn’t really help him connect with music in a way that sparked the passion hidden beneath his aching fingertips. He still remembers how bummed his dad was when he quit, but his dad waited patiently. Enter heavy-metal friends, discipline through martial arts, and his first band was born.


Now, over twenty years and thousands of professional gigs later, Rob has become the music teacher his five-year-old self always needed—using a holistic method of customized music education he developed and used to create his own music school. He’s managed to build an entire career around his true passion, music, and he wants to help you do the same.

Are you ready to learn what it takes to shred? Do you want to make music more than just a dream or a hobby? In This Book Shreds Rob will teach you how to:


⚠ Use the power of music to create lifelong connections with people who are awesome.

⚠ Write mind-bending songs based on universal emotions and simple research.

⚠ Create a mindset foundation that will keep you from quitting just when your brain is on the verge of connecting all the dots.

⚠ Embrace making mistakes as part of the music-learning process.

⚠ Approach practice from a different angle to make you play better every time you sit down to jam.

⚠ Balance music with the rest of your life so that you don’t get caught up in the potential-fame trap.

⚠ Set goals and achieve them by embracing your unique voice while building confidence.

⚠ Build out your rock-star persona.

⚠ Slay stage fright by doing the work beforehand and learning how to diversify your shredding skills.

⚠ Be a considerate member of your band and use those methods to be a compassionate person people love to be around.

⚠ Use borrowed magic to get you gigs when you’re first starting out.

⚠ Incorporate rest and health into your music routine and life.

If you’ve ever tried to learn an instrument before and it felt was too hard, you aren’t alone. But Rob’s unique method will give you all the mental, emotional, and physical tools you need to make music more than a wish or a hobby: you’ll be able to make music a lifestyle. And the difference is, you need an overall approach that can be customized to you.

Learn what shredding takes today. ★ Get your copy now ★


This was a terrific book, especially for those that are just starting to learn how to play an instrument. The "real life" stories help to connect with anyone who plays. I especially love the suggestion to write one's own music...so powerful the way Rob explains how to do this. The book tells us never to give up on our dreams...it is never too late! - Justine C.

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